Boxing Federation of Rwanda
The Boxing Federation of Rwanda is a national boxing association.
BFR aims to educate, train, and promote the boxers of Rwanda.
BFR is committed to raising the standard of professional boxing in Rwanda.


Thank you for visiting the official website of the Boxing Federation of Rwanda. Get to learn more about us and visit us regularly for our events and programs. Your support will help our young boxers become better in their pursuits to becoming professional boxers.

BFR Boxers

This is a new beginning for the Boxing Federation of Rwanda. The Executive Committee is determined to build a concrete structure that will ignite growth and advancement of boxing in Rwanda.

Boxing Event

Local Boxing Matches

11 June 2017: The BFR conducted local boxing matches participated by boys and girls, age 10 to 18.

The BFR continues to conduct various boxing matches to encourage young men and women to motivate them to be involved in the boxing sports, as well as to showcase their talents in boxing in order for the BFR to find talented athletes to represent the country in future competitions.

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Executive Committee


BFR President Kalisa Vick and members of the Executive Committee have been busy laying out plans for various programs and activities that will revive the sport in Rwanda.

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